Welcome buddies! You have found the official RVLISCIOUS website. RVLISCIOUS is a YouTube Series about fulltime vanlife as a digital nomad couple in The Netherlands, Europe and finally the United States. Presented by your two lovely hosts: Petra Smit and Patrick Haverkate, better known to our loyal subscribers as Pet & Pat: Your New Friends from The Netherlands! And as trusted sidekick our wheelestate! A Mercedes Benz 207D campervan from 1983 called: Penelope!

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  • We mention you in (and under) every new video that we upload. You get sent a personalised ticket to the Penelope-bus. We put a copy of your ticket onto Penelope for all to see. And we add a digital ticket below on this website (we can even link the ticket to your own website!). You get a sticker as well as the password to download and read our monthly digital magazine. But most of all: you get to enjoy our videos more often!



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