Vanlife with rvliscious

Home is where we park it

Join the movement! Experience the freedom! Be part of our minimalistic fulltime vanlife and journey with us in our 1983 Mercedes-Benz 207D campervan we call Penelope. Have a look at our YouTube Vlogs and most importantly:

get inspired!

Minimalist Couple and Vlogging Vandwellers

Patrick Haverkate has a background in copywriting and a knack for graphic design and webdesign. Petra in turn is a skilled office manager and travel photographer. We combine these high quality skills every day during our alternate lifestyle vlogs live from the campervan. You can hire us to do a project together or buy our merchandise from our webstore and support our fulltime vanlife.

Fulltime Vanlife Pioneers in The Netherlands

On January 1st 2016 we officially moved into our campervan Penelope and thus instantly became the first fulltime vanlifers in The Netherlands with a YouTube Channel. Since then we have inspired many people over the globe to do what we do and that warms our hearts during the cold Dutch Winters. If you want to help us out please subscribe (it's free) to our channel or share our story on social media. We love to chat with you, so do pop us a comment if you watch one of our videos and we are very likely to respond!