Fulltime RV Life Series by Pet & Pat

Welcome buddies to the official RVLISCIOUS website. RVLISCIOUS is a YouTube Series about fulltime RV life in The Netherlands and Europe. Presented by your two lovely hosts: Petra Smit and Patrick Haverkate, also known to you as Pet & Pat: your new friends from The Netherlands! And our trusted sidekick a Mercedes 207D campervan from 1983 called Penelope!

Pats Literary Work (Dutch ebook collection)

Patrick Haverkate Omnibus

You might not know it yet, but Patrick is a Dutch writer and poet from early age onwards. In his student days he got published in famous Dutch literary magazines and even international in Belgium, which holds a close similarity to the Dutch language. In 1998 Pat won the national student festival Pythical Games, which kickstarted his publications. In 2013 Pat finally selfpublished his first Dutch novel The Abyss. Followed by several poetry volumes and some short stories. Mounting up to a staggering 600+ pages. So if you love to collect everything from Pat, this is your chance! Remember Pats main language is Dutch, so everything is written in Dutch. Which makes this ebook a special treat for our Dutch viewers. But even if you don't speak a word of Dutch, you might enjoy this ebook anyway. Pat wrote a couple of English poems! See if you can find them! 

Petra's Travel Photobook

Petra Smit Travel Pictures 2016

Petra's digital photobook is a must-have! Consisting of 228 pages it brings you every travel picture Petra made during the first year of our fulltime RV adventure in 2016. And Patrick wrote a little story to accompany each photo. So this ebook (PDF) is a real treat if you are a fan of our channel and travel adventures. And perhaps the best thing: you help support our life on the road.

WUWT Magazine

Monthly Digital Travel Magazine

We have created a monthly digital magazine (PDF) called WUWT Magazine. Filled to the max with behind-the-scenes stories and never before seen pictures surrounding our fulltime rv life and our YouTube Channel. Hence a great opportunity to get to know us a little bit better and more privately. To get access to this magazine you need a password, which we will provide if you become a Patreon of our channel. Just set any (low) amount you feel comfortable with. Want to think about it? No problem. Eventually at the end of every year, we will bundle all the monthly magazines together and put them up for sale in the webshop as one ebook. So you have a chance to buy them then. Rather not wait that long? Then become our Patreon today.


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