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Vanlife with RVliscious

On January 1st 2016 Petra Smit and Patrick Haverkate - a lovely Dutch couple from Amsterdam - took a bold step! They bought an old Mercedes 207D campervan, said farewell to their rented home and moved into their van fulltime. And not only that! They decided to document this whole adventure on video in the format of a weekly vlog and share it with the YouTube platform. From this day forward these two ordinary people would be renowned as the first fulltime Dutch digital nomad vanlifers in The Netherlands with a YouTube Channel. Inspiring many people from all over the globe every day to take a similar bold step and make a significant change in their own personal lives as well. In this sense the mission of Pet & Pat - Your New Friends from The Netherlands - has already succeeded! Now three years in, you can still follow along by subscribing to their YouTube Vlog.

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