Your New Friends from The Netherlands

Vanlife with RVliscious

The adventure of Pet, Pat and Penelope

On January 1st 2016 we - Petra Smit and Patrick Haverkate, a lovely Dutch couple from Amsterdam - took a bold step! We bought a recreational vehicle better known as RV! In our case it was an old 1983 Mercedes 207D campervan and we named her Penelope. Then we said goodbye to our rental house and moved into our motorhome fulltime: living and working as digital nomads. Pat as a copywriter/webdesigner and Petra as a photographer and graphic designer. Since the beginning we have documented this adventure on video in the format of regular vlogs shared freely on the YouTube platform. In our own country we made history too! Being the first vlogging vanlifers of The Netherlands! Woohoo!

Home is wherever we park it

Work anywhere, connect everywhere

Escape the ordinary

We need your help

With every vlog we bring you along on our fulltime vanlife adventure in a very personal way. You get to witness our struggle and worries, but also our joy and successes. If you are bound and cannot travel yourself, you can experience traveling through our eyes and the lenses of our cameras. We are independent filmmakers, which means we can speak truthfully. We show you the real vanlife experience and not the fairytale! We are not paid. We are not sponsored. We are not on government welfare. And we are surely not supported by our naysaying families. Still, here we are celebrating our ginormous YES to fulltime vanlife every single day and already for over a thousand days. Bringing you new vlog content week after week, year after year. It does mean however that we are solely depending on the support from you all, our viewers. Either by purchasing our ebooks from our webshop, or by making a donating. Your support really makes all the difference to us, because it allows us to keep our wheels and cameras rolling. All in favor of bringing you the next new vlog of RVliscious!