What's up with that, buddies!?

What's Up With That WUWT Magazine

We have created a monthly digital magazine (PDF) called WUWT Magazine inspired by our famous credo: What's Up With That, Buddies!? from our YouTube videos. Each magazine is filled to the max with behind-the-scenes stories and never before seen pictures surrounding our Full Time RV Life and our YouTube Channel. Hence a great opportunity to get to know us a little bit better and more privately. To get access to this magazine you need a password, which we will provide as soon as you become a RVliscious Patreon. Just set any (low) amount you feel comfortable with. Want to think about it? No problem. Eventually at the end of every year, we will bundle all the monthly magazines together and sell it as one yearly ebook. So you have a chance to buy them then. Rather not wait that long? Then become our Patreon today and start reading!


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